Friday, November 27, 2009


NewAgTalkers have this little buddy named Rolan Steinlage in West Union Iowa. His dad Loran calls him Popcorn.

We met up with his family at a steak house in Nevada, Iowa after the Farm Progress Show Two years ago. None of us knew what Rolan and his family were about to go through.

He was diagnosed with a pineoblast0ma in his brain last year. It was cancerous.

I don't see how the family did it all. I kept reading about them and thinking, could I do that?

I have followed his Care Pages daily and this is one late post:

Can you believe or deny the faith he has after brain cancer at 13?

"Thank You from Rolan

Posted 12 hours ago

I am sitting here and looking at some of the very first posts and the tears are running down my face, it is hard to read how many people cared about me and prayed for me. I am so thankful for all the people that is praying and posting on my carepages. I couldn't get through this without you all!!!

Thanks to mom, dad and sisters for always being beside me when I need them. Thank you to all my grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends you mean so much to me!! Thanks for all the positves messages you all put on.

This is one the hardest days so far because its hard to thank everyone and I have so much to be thankful for. My church family is huge part in my life and look forward to going. Thank you for all the people down at the hospital that have helped me get through this process. I know there are so many to thank and I want to thank them all.

This past year has proved that it is more than a day on the calendar it is something you should practice everyday, give Thanks for what you have!!!



This is what I sent to my family and friends:

"Rolan is the son of farmers Loran and Brenda Steinlage of West Union, Iowa. I can't believe what they have done the past year while keeping up their farm operation.

His letter and his struggle is sure an inspiration to me.

I am thankful he is still with us and I know he will leave a big footprint. Maybe you ought to read what he said again.

We met the family at Nevada Iowa two years ago before this all happened.

Pray for Rolan and I know where he is going no matter when, where, or how.

He had a great Thanksgiving. I pray he has many more."

Ed Winkle

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