Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Today

Finally had a long sleep after a long weekend. It felt good.

I woke up and saw the frost on the cornstalks.

I thought I zink Zee frost is on zee cornstalks. I don't know why that pops into my mind.

After some discussion, hmm, discussion, we decided to go to the Martinsville Lions Club pancake breakfast. We got there and NO cars. Sign said Nov. 21. I looked at LuAnn and said I know I sent you that community notice that said Nov 28 and she agreed she saw it too. Oh well, I wondered why they would have it on Thanksgiving weekend but I KNOW I saw it, probably a misprint.

We then went to the Clinton County fairgrounds for an estate auction. The lady must have been Catholic. Crucifiexes and all kinds of Catholic stuff and some of the most beautiful furniture you ever saw. We bought a few things, came home and had breakfast for lunch.

I bought a typewriter and a box of junk for a buck, no one would buy it. LuAnn was just telling me how Betty had an old typewriter, a record player and a rotary dial phone in what is now LuAnn's office and craft room for her grandchildren to play with. I thought was a really neat way to connect your grandkids to your upbringing, they take technology for granted.

LuAnn looks at that typewriter and says that is going in the trash. Then she looks in the boxes and sees old wooden candle holders and she says you are redeemed, these are worth more than one dollar. One was victorian and matches three pieces of her furniture.

I tryed to type on that old Royal and the keys all stuck. Sprayed some WD-40 on the innards and voila, it works!

Breakfast for lunch. Bob Evans sausage, none finer with scrambled eggs and toast, none finer either. Then she put on a pot of turkey soup left over from Thursday with lots of celery, onions and herbs. That should be good tonight and next week.

LuAnn worked on the barn and new barn quilt with wreaths and a floodlights for the nightime tour in the county. It should look good.
Then I called Sis and wished her happy birthday. I ordered a Thanksgiving Birthday combo arrangement for her. She walks into the principal's office and there it sets. She says something like, who is the lucky one? The secretary says don't you have a birthday coming up? She doesn't catch on, like me, and sees her name on the card. Ha to you Sis!
She always uses Ha! to get you on her email. I liked it so much I started using the same thing so there, Ha! She takes it home and Fred says you got a boyfriend, knowing quite well I am sure, it came from me.

It was a pretty nice and exciting fall day.

Still farmers around here and all over are still trying to get in their harvest. Hope they get it in before the first snow but some of it is so wet they need a hard freeze to make those kernals dry down.

I hate to see next month's electric bill so I am burning lots of wood.

Ed Winkle

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