Thursday, November 5, 2009


She drove me to frustation today and over the last three weeks. Somehow she got into the trash before the trashman got here.

I was ready to give her up, I am so busy. I just don't have the time or personality to teach her and give her the discipline she really needs.

She is a high maintenance dog but still a sweetheart. She wants to be beside me every hour she is not asleep.

I left the pepperoni out recently after lunch, got on the phone and there is the empty package in the doorway. LuAnn cleaned out her crate dry heaving.

I have lost focus on some discussions with others trying to see what she is into. There are nose smudges all over the house and truck windows and scratches on the trucks where she jumped in or out. Dog hair everywhere.

Some people are afraid of her and some do not want her on their farm, another problem. She is a good scouting dog when I scout fields. Probably the best scouting dog I have ever seen.

Even my grandkids say papaw, put her in her crate. She knocked a couple of them down when and they remember but she doesn't bite them. She bites and nips at me and my shoes all the time.

She wants to be the center of attention but has done pretty well around other people. She wants to play with other animals unless they get mean ,then she gets defensive.

I guess a kennel with a dog house would help, we don't have that. We just trusted her. I can see she she is developing her personality into adult doghood. I want that to be appropriate.

LuAnn loves how she barks at a stranger or anyone who comes close to the house. That is why we chose her.

I wonder if I have time to train her at my age and activity?

What do you think?

Ed Winkle

Today Les and I were talking in the combine and she chased his old German Shepherd all over and I saw her bothering the horses in their pen while we were combining.


  1. Ed,
    First look up these guys: They have (in my view) the best dog training book you can find. Excellent for German Shepherds.
    Sable should want to obey your every word-as a German Shepherd.
    Sable wants to know you are in charge. Exercises like putting her on a 20-50 foot leash and making her sit and stay help. The leash lets her know that you are in control. If you tell her to stay in one spot she should stay there till you return-no matter what. (I think it is kind of instictive with shepherds.)
    The book addresses all this and gives really good disclipine techniques. It teaches about eye contact, when to cause pain, then to use rewards.
    Sable is getting to be a teenager in some ways. You get through the next couple years and all will be fine.
    From my experiences...

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  3. Ed, Remember she is still a puppy at heart. Keep working with her and try and wear her with exersise. She will eventually settle down.(In 4-5 yrs) It sounds like your doing all the right things with her so far.

    I used to have to take our lab out for a 2 mile run nearly every day for years. What is tough is she is now 12 and she can't even make it around the field by the house at a slow walk, when we used to be able to take it on a dead run with the 4 wheeler. Her heart is still in it but her poor old legs and hips just cant do it anymore.

  4. I listened to you Brian and Budde and been running her tail off. She sleeps so hard she doesn't want to crawl out of her crate in the morning! Budde I do think she thinks I am a God!