Friday, November 13, 2009

3800 bushels off end rows!

Can you imagine that? That is what Les shelled tonight.

I walk down to the grain pit and there is my brand new corn shovel smashed flat. Brad must have ran over it with the semi.

I held it up with a sad face.. First Jonah looked at it and thought Oh My God, did I do that? Ed just bought those. He is going to be
I showed it to Les and he said they straightened it so I won't hurt my back. We all just laughed. Small potatoes in this year!

The corn is down to 16.9% moisture so we are really fortunate. All our sorted plans came together.
Darn good thing we had Bare Necessities and Rowdy Red come in here all haul the grain we did. The elevators are filling up, the bins are filling up. I don't want to be caught red handed with grain left out in the field with coming storms.

Today we test another corn plot to see if Pioneer is as good as they say it is. I think their one number will win the plot. But it is all so good this year, the numbers are close and it doesn't really matter. It is a very unusual year and the race horse corns are winning. Plenty of rain and not too much heat.

Usually my Bird Hybrids B-81D wins but not this year! It is not a workhorse hybrid year but you cannot judge a seed by one year. Then they go and drop the thing and try to sell you something new and improved!
$200 for a bag of seed corn? Grandpa and dad would shudder.
This might be the year you can throw some yield data out the window. It was a very unusual year. However, the yields are so close between hybrids and varities we learned what they are really capable of and not capable of producing.
Now I am thinking, what will next year be like?


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