Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I thought I needed to see my little guy Liam.

I called the house before they went to work and Will passed the the phone right over to Becky.
She passed the phone right over to my grandson Liam.

Here is kind of how it goes:

He sounds so grown up.

"You want to come to papaws house tonight?

Sure, YES.

What do you like to eat, do you like pizza?

Yes Papaw I love pizza.

We could have some fruit, too.

Yes, I want some fruit."

We had a grown up conversation. He just had his fourth birthday.

He was bouncing around, I could tell he was excited.

So I guess we are having pizza and fruit tonight!

I hope that is OK Grandma Lu? Those marinating chops can wait another day.

Two sillies together is dangerous in this house.
I am greedy, I want more of them. Grandchildren are such a blessing to me.
I have seven, give me three more, kids.


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  1. We sure had a good time! I told him about leaving my cell phone credit cards in one of the spare bedrooms. He just laughed. He said I should have told you to pick them up!

    New cell phone is better anyhow, not so many dropped calls. The old one was over two years old and I can't beleive how much I use it.

    You get into the middle of harvest and you need trucks, you better have a list of people to call on.

    I wonder how much we spend on phones and Internet? I bet it is over $5000 a year.