Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Short Rows

Farmers around here are getting down to the "short rows." That is our term for the end of harvest. It always feels good to finish.

Farmers have had their share of breakdowns around here. The soil and the crop was just damp enough put that extra strain on machines. Actually I don't see how they hold together as well as they do sometimes.

We are in the enviable pain and trying to find a place for all this crop. It was a good year. Getting it out has been a whole different story. Last year's harvest was so smooth but this one was so challenging.

I know we set new yield records on several fields. They never did that well before. I tweaked the fertility program and the rain really made it work. It never got hot this summer, most people did not use their AC. We had just enough sunshine in southern Ohio to raise a pretty good crop.

Today we try to harvest my last 50 acres of soybeans. I was all set to go before we got the 2 inch rain a couple of weeks ago so we have been patiently waiting so we do not destroy the field with ruts. I think we should be OK.

At least today is sunny. Yesterday was cloudy all day but that Hurricane Ida sucked enough moisture off us to keep it from raining here.

I am already thinking about next year. I think I am going to plant LL soybeans and give up the non GMO soybean premium for the Japan market. I think I can gain enough in weed control to make up most of the difference. The LL beans look good around here, but that program is just getting started.

The 500 acres of wheat is starting to look like something. Now if I can just sell it for a profit. I do have bids in and they are about a dollar off the current market.

Next I will have to focus on my winter talks and come up with some good graphics and ideas.

There is always something going on around here.

Ed Winkle

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