Monday, November 16, 2009


It sure is nice to have harvest done, a new crop growing, visit family and enjoy this beautiful weather. November has made October look really bad here!

LuAnn asked me if we were going to pay for this. I said it always averages out. Could be a long stretch and mild winter or turn into a nasty one. I have seen both happen and the models support that this winter. But it sure has been nice to enjoy the sunshine and moderate temperatures!

This week looks cloudy and Thanksgiving week looks wet. If that is true, we sure enjoyed this Indian Summer while it lasted.

Soon I have to get into the book keeping and presentations. Not quite mentally ready yet but I am close. It has to happen.

You know people seem nicer lately, too. Is it just me? Cars never tried to run us down this fall and give us the finger. Wide machinery is a problem on the road but we all like to eat.

Many people drive too fast but it seems to me like more folks around here have slowed down to "smell the roses." People seem happier to have what they have as they see others with so little. People around here have been very benevolent, too. That is very nice.
I think some struggle is good for a person, makes you stronger which is needed when things don't go right. People got awful "fat and sassy" in the Clinton years and of course that all went away.

I think most of us sense things aren't like they used to be. So many things have changed the last 10 years, particularly in my life. My life is so much better and I am thankful for it.
I could be wrong but that is my percept.
Just that feeling of nice makes you feel good.

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