Monday, November 30, 2009


Monday, Monday, so good to me. Only if I will let it be!

Today is the first day of gun season for deer, hope they get a bunch.

I saw a good two year old buck, maybe three years old run out of my harvested corn field down to his protective nook by Brown's and Little East Fork. I hope someone gets him.

Fear not tree huggers, the wildlife population is on the rise! Why else would you see so much road kill? Farmers have had to embrace conservation as they invented it. You cannot affor to farm long term without providing a habitat for wildlife. We have done a good job and the numbers show it.

Car deer accidents continue to rise as flushed out deer run into the paths of automobiles.

We have had 3 such accidents in our own family in the last 10 years and we are cautious. We know they are moving at sunrise and sunset

Every taxpayer pays a little towards this debacle but automobile insurance holders pay the most. $50 per auto is what my insurance man told me, more or less. Only the insurance company knows and they don't usually share that information.

I don't feel bad at all about possible of extinction of wildlife or what I have done to provide for wildlife, as most farmers have.


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