Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Visit

We had a really good visit with my sister Linda, her husband Fred, her daughter Lisa Jo and her husband Michael and their new little guy Joshua. He is going to get into trouble real quickly! He is not far from being a toddler, always seems to be happy like his mother.

He kept crawling for the lamp cords. You pick him up and try to stand him up and he jumps like a frog. He even has frog pajamas!
We had a good time watching the Buckeyes beat the Hawkeyes in a key Big Ten game. I was so busy talking I never really got that excited about the game for once!
I felt sorry for the Hawkeyes, their mistakes kind of handed the potential Championship to the Buckeyes. I bet it was a long ride home for them. That young quarterback from Keokuk Iowa played well and played his heart out.

It was great weather and we had lunch on a picnic table at Locust Grove.

Linda and I soon have OLD people birthdays so the ribbing was thick.

Lisa said you know I have two uncle Ed's who taught agriculture and people would say to her, is that your uncle Ed who teaches ag? Which one do you mean is her reply.

We stopped by to see our 540 acres of wheat and barley on the way home and it has really grown in a week. We got home and the bins are almost full of corn, may not be enough room but they are down to 100 acres or less. That is a pretty big accomplishment compared to a month ago.

Farmers, the refuge corn was making 249 this morning and the VT3 only 213. Big difference. Do we really need the traits? Same hybrid with different inserted genes.

There is a big mound of bamboo on the farm they were harvesting. How did that ever get here?

It looks like one of the last week to pull soil samples. The weather maps look WET very soon. I do think the wheat could use a drink but not a flood.

Farmers are never happy with the weather but I have to say they sure have been around here the last two weeks. Family, that should always be happy.

We have a meeting with all the people who put up barn quilts at 5 at the fairgrounds.

I wonder what that will be like?

Ed Winkle

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