Monday, November 9, 2009

Let It All Hang Out!

Remember that old rock song? Let it all hang out!

Lots of people are doing it this days but the ones I respect the most are the American Farmer. Well, all farmers if you want to be more accurate. Many foreign countries read this blog and they know I believe in them, too.

When farmers get finished harvesting, they are offering combines and trucks to other farmers who are not finished.

Local farmers are letting it all hang out by trying to finish harvest. It takes a concerted effort.

Elevators are filling, Cargill turned away trucks full of grain yesterday, wow, that has to hurt.

My buyers are still taking in grain if and when we can get it there.

Machine breakage has been an issue in this mud and heavy fodder. Fortunately in notill, we have little mud but we are leaving cleat marks we will deal with next spring.

Farmers are doing their best with the weather we have this year. I must admit motorists have been courteous, no shaking fists or fingers, many pull off and let us through.

I think they realize for once what we are trying to do. Feed them, clothe them, shelter them.

Provide them with alternative fuels. Our goal is plenty of food and fuel for everyone but we must make a profit.

Sable greeted the meter reader this morning. He is afraid of her. I told him to just do your job and let her sniff you and she will see you are of no harm. He said a Chihauha bit him in the ankle and a Golden Lab bit him with two other dogs like pack dog behavior.

Expect a $1000 electric bill LuAnn, we have 5 fans running full bore!

With 40,000 bu or so in here and another 20,000 bu or so back out, we have another 40,000 bushels to fill it for winter delivery.

Now I can just walk to the old barn and see our new barn quilt and think about how blessed we are after 200 years in this county. It is beautiful!

Let it all hang out!

Ed Winkle

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