Sunday, November 1, 2009

7 more bushel soybeans!

Some scientists have been working on a new strain of soybean inoculant that has produced 7 more bushel per acre in replicated tests in Ohio. This could be a breakthrough!

Even if it averaged 5 bushels more across the country, what farmer could afford not to use it!

Today that would be another $63 per acre income on a few dollar investment.

More on this as I get further information but it looked good in my plots. 65 bu treated, 58 without, My inoculant made a little over 61 bushel per acre. I will have to study my data when I get time.



  1. You need to put the lime on first... Says the voice of experience...

  2. Ha! Just wanted a chance to throw out a pH comment on your blog!
    We have so funny yellow alfalfa, wonder if it was the inoculant. I think it was a bit close to the expiration date!

  3. Soil test and tissue test and examine! A local alfalfa farmer was telling me today how hard it is to keep up with!