Thursday, November 19, 2009

I missed

I missed a day! I thought sure I posted yesterday. I try to post once everyday just to keep your interest up.

Time just goes by too quickly!

I have been talking to lots of my friends on the phone to compare notes. Randy in Williamsport has the best crop he ever raised and I am so happy for him.

Allen is finished and working fertilizing next years crop with lime and bio solids. He didn't get quite the wheat acres in he normally does due to this weather. I think that is OK as beans look to be good for 2010.

Bill from Ansonia called this morning to tell me his Tillage Radish has covered the ground in 30 inch corn planter rows! I have never seen that before! Can you imagine knee high radish covering the soil in 30 inch rows? Those have to be huge taproots and are they ever going to stink when they rot!

He is a little concerned he got too much growth. I told him not to worry, they will be decomposed by planting time. He said I dug some and left them on top of the ground and they still look the same after 3 weeks.

There will be three of us talking about cover crops at the annual Ohio NoTill conference in Plain City Ohio, December 8. David Brandt, Steve Groff and myself. I am in elite company but they tell me they are! Just a bunch of old notillers trying to make more money and help others is what we are.

I hope I don't miss that!

The picture is from September. Need a new picture Bill.

Ed Winkle

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