Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"County ranks third in state in unemployment"

Clinton County’s unemployment rates climbed during the month of October, from a reported 13.9 percent in September to 14.8, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

That is the third highest unemployment rate in the state of Ohio, 88 counties.

For the second month in a row, Highland County came in with the highest at 15.9 percent. Piketon ranks second with a rate of 15.1. (poor young writer doesn't know Piketon from Pike County which borders Highland.)

Even worse, what is not reported are those underemployed. I imagine that could be another 10% here. LuAnn works with Highland Counties unemployed and tells me about the sad stories every day. I see them every day right here.

Still, people seem to be getting by and helping each other. I have never seen so many piles of firewood as this year with people hoping to stay warm at a cheaper price, any price. I think we can keep the food banks running but many shelves are empty.

This Thanksgiving we are so Thankful all of our family is gainfully employed. We worked hard to get there but we know we are blessed and share every chance we can.

I think LuAnn's 3 acre garden at Turning Point will be really appreciated this winter as many participants canned and froze the vegetables they helped produce.

I got bashed on NAT for citing county woes of unemployment due to DHL and many suppliers closing doors. They were eager to use our good labor pool, made the profit, shut the doors and ran.

With all the work that needs to be done I just don't think unemployment is right.

Now those who refuse to work, that is another story but they have always been here. Their growing numbers got scary.

I employed more people this year than I ever have in my life to get my work done and help them out. It's a two way street.

We aren't going to take it with us.

Ed Winkle

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