Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today we are in beautiful Wyoming. It is the greenest I have ever seen it. I bet they liked the rain they got this year!

Record amounts of hay has been made. Hay is everywhere. I never saw so much hay on a trip in my life! The cows look good in tall grass.

We stopped at Cabella's World Headquarters in Sidney Nebraska. Dick and his wife started making fishing lures on their kitchen table in 1969 and now they have ten beautiful stores! Talk about a success story, they made it!

We love going to Cabella's, the wildlife display is always so beautiful. They have things you can't find anywhere else but they specialize on the hunter and fisherman.

A case of shotgun shells was 53-58 dollars. They were stacked right by the front doors. Ammunition is hot as you know.

We saw Sinclair's new modern refinery in Wyoming. We had lunch at the Albany Inn in Cheyenne. It has been famous since 1946, great food and a beautiful place.

That's about it for now. Long but good and fun day again.

Ed and LuAnn

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