Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Iowa State Fair

We went to the Iowa State Fair today for the first time. The fairgrounds is immaculate, no trash!

They really need to work on their traffic control though as the Ohio State Fair moves traffic so much faster.

The main feature for us was the Agriculture Building. It had the most exhibits and the most visitors, too.

I really liked the FFA Jackets hanging up from every chapter in the state. LuAnn liked the corn stalk where kids could measure their growth at each years fair.

The fruit and produce and honey looked really good, high quality.

The pork producers had the longest food line.

We saw a lot of quality livestock, too.

They had a very nice antique tractor and new farm machinery exhibit most fairs don't have anymore.

We made it to Grand Island Nebraska tonight. If you like steak and paass through or go to the Husker Harvest days, get a hand cut stea at the Texas T-Bone. One of the best we ever had.

Talk to you tomorrow if I get the chance.

Ed Winkle

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