Monday, August 3, 2009


Baby Caoilin went to Childrens Hospital this weekend with a virus.

Becky called and said she was limp instead of nursing as normal, three weeks old.

I thought babies had that tremendous immune system thanks to mother's milk. It scared Becky and Will and scared us both.

She came home today with no trace of spinal meningitiis. Talk about one happy grandpa after hours of prayer but the doctors know best. Yet, they only know so much.

Our society has advanced food and medically wise that longevity can be increased beyond the current social system and insurance can fund it.

Viruses can mutate so quickly in response to environment, thus my blog on pandameics.

They have killed many humans.

I sold corn today. I may sell some more beans, I was short on corn sales. This little system can only handle so many bushles and we need cash flow. Boy, the crops look good here.

I am trying my hardest to get all this work caught up so we can go do something fun.

This weekend wasn't fun for lots of family.

Ed Winkle

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