Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Blessed Sunday

Here it is, another blessed Sunday.

God has been so good to us.

We are so busy we can't get together with all our neighbors. We have worked hard to build this little community and they have too. That is about all we have right now, love thy neighbor as thyself.

It has sure been a roller coaster emotional ride this year, birth and death, mud and dry, but good crops overall.

The best thing is my neighbors though, I never had a neighborhood like this one. The people are so nice and helpful and help make it a cozy place to live here.

We have bought 5 beautiful lemon yellow floor rugs from our neighbors across the road. Their children wove the rugs, they are really good kids and good at weaving.

Neighbor Joe made a shelf that was missing from my antique display case we bought near Hillsboro.

Neighbor Mike tilled my garden for me. Neighbor Ralph and Darrell watch this place like a hawk. Neighbor Donna gave us Iris that look beautiful when they come out.

We have a really good neighborhood, we stay in close contact so we can help each other.

We love our neighbor's has ourself.

It is truly amazing and God's word.

Ed Winkle

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