Saturday, August 8, 2009


I guess we like visitors. There is almost always someone in the driveway here. People just flock to this place.

Just had a wonderful chat with Omar from Ontario Canada over a cup of coffee. What a nice guy, one of nine children. He is sales manager for a large John Deere dealership.

We talked about family, we talked about life, we talked about our countries and of course we talked about machinery.

Tomorrow Oliver may stop by on his way from Vermont to Grove City. We both have family there.

They are both really cool guys with skills I don't have. We just like to sit down and exchange information.

I learn so much from other people and I try to share everything I know.

Somedays I feel like I never quit teaching, I just changed my classroom!

There is so much to comprehend these days. People have seemed to really get social in a friendly way in these challenging times.

I think that is good for all of us.

I like visitors.

Come on over.

Ed Winkle

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