Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grain Bins

I have a newer and deeper appreciation for anyone who owns, manages or works in grain bins.

They get plain nasty.

We are just about to clean out bin two with 40 year old grain residue and put a bigger unloading auger on it. Truckers won't wait and if you fill them fast, they will be here first so I can get my grain marketed.

We found more mice than you would ever hope to see. Trapped three in the house already because some of them ran to the house.

We found one of my kitty cat mouse killers dead in the middle, must have snuck through the bin fan fins and never got back out. Jason just laughed and I told him that was one of my buddies.

Grain bins are necessary because the market can't take your grain at harvest, you have to spread it over a year.

So a hundred semi loads will come through here this fall and one hundred will pass back out by the following harvest.

That is besides all the loads going to town out of the combine to fill contracts.

I never have to go to the casino, I have it right here in my back yard.

Ed Winkle

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