Saturday, August 1, 2009


The crops look good here, you have to pinch yourself. Is this real?

Then the market came back because others don't have it. We are very blessed.

You have to pronounce August correctly, like the old country. August is the month two of my children were born, Mark and Becky. Those were very happy days and here we are almost 30 years later.

"August is the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days. [1]

This month was originally named Sextilis in Latin, because it was the sixth month in the ancient Roman calendar, which started in March about 735 BC under Romulus. It became the eighth month either when January and February were added to the beginning of the year by King Numa Pompilius about 700 BC or when those two months were moved from the end to the beginning of the year by the decemvirs about 450 BC (Roman writers disagree). It was renamed in honor of Augustus in 8 BC because several of the most significant events in his rise to power, culminating in the fall of Alexandria, fell in this month. Lore claims August originally had 29 days in the Roman Republican calendar. Augustus took two days from February and gave it to August when Sextilis was renamed in his honor.[2] See Month lengths how this commonly believed lore was proven wrong.

August's flower is the gladiolus or poppy, and its birthstone is the peridot.

In common years no other month starts on the same day of the week as August, though in leap years February starts on the same day."

We must have more soil moisture than I think we ever saw for August first. What an unusual year. I had to park on the horse race track yesterday at the Clermont County Fairgrounds.

We had a great time at our mini family get together in Maineville last night. My cousin Jenny was in from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's in California. She introduced me to her fiance John, a lung doctor. I said I might need your help some day and we talked about farmers lung. A doctor and a lawyer together, I told them that is dangerous. They just laughed and said their friends tease them about it.

Roy and Jane looked good. They are the remaining siblings of nine children in dad's family. They have four first cousins left counting them. New generation taking of and now I am on the aging part of that one!

We have just another beautiful sunrise coming. I don't remember so many in one year. The sky was wide open and clear blue last night. Just a bit chilly in the old farm office.

My cousins love LuAnn. They probably can't believe I am married to someone like her.


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