Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thunder Boomers

Woke up to big big thunder boomers this morning. I haven't heard that noise in a long time. These are the kind that just rumble on a long, long time. There must have been a five minute span of nothing but thunder.

I wonder where the center is, I listen and try to estimate the miles and I think it is over Roger Achor's farms right now.

Thunderstorms in August are blessing to a crop farmer here. You change your plans thanks to rain and lightning but you keep on working somewhere.

I looked up the word thunder boomer and it seems no one agrees where it comes from or what it means. Some think it is a quick onset of thunderstorms so what I am hearing right now is lingering thunder that rolls and rolls and rolls.

This puts a halt to my scouting so back to the paperwork. Oh, I have learned to just dread paperwork.

I have to certify my last seed acres I am scouting for my agreements. It is a tedious process and must be done correctly. I know in my head what I saw but I have to get it down right on paper. The old paper trail, the one that make you or break you if someone gets audited. I am their eyes and ears so I have to get it down right.

The weathermen are calling for three days of this volatility and then finally, a hot and humid weekend we usually get all summer here east of Cincinnati.

Not this year, it has been a very cool and damp sping and summer.

Ed Winkle

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