Thursday, August 20, 2009


Made it across Wyoming and beautiful Utah and made it to Elko, Nevada. What a town! Be sure to eat at the Star diner but get there early or late! Place is packed everynight for their steaks, seafood and Basque style dining. Yum!

LuAnn is down at the Casino having fun. I had my fun all summer, my gamblings are out in my fields! We got more rain so we should be good to go.

Now to get everything ready for harvest will be the challenge!

I am missing the Bowling Green tractor pulls, Keith's Field Day, the Farm Progress Show and the big NAT meet and greet get together. Oh well, I owe her this one but she always seems to take me away about this time of the year!

I have drug her to many such events though so I cannot say too much.

My oldest boy bought a 706 Farmall tonight and it sounds like a real bargain. He found me a good Case 2590 if I can talk LuAnn into it. 200 HP would be nice and maybe I could make the Wilmington Farm Stock class next July???

They had a years rainfall out here in June and the west is the greenest I have seen. Talked to one rancher who can't get his hay up and now the price is in the tubes, everyone has some. Hay is stacked all the way back to Iowa. I never saw so much hay.

We had the most beautiful weather this week you can imagine and it rained back home. Wow, can't believe it!

We are on our way to the California Redwoods tomorrow, can't wait to see those trees. I might be a temporary tree hugger!


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