Friday, August 7, 2009


I stupidly forwarded this Mars email that got me snoped out and embarrassed me. So I went out to see what was really there, it is Jupiter.

Do a google on Stargazing, there is a wealth of information there.

"Tonight, the waning gibbous moon is 2 days past full. So the moon rises at a later hour tonight than it did last night, or the night before. This evening, the moon rises in the east at nightfall or early evening. And our feature star, Fomalhaut, won’t rise until about 2 hours after moonrise.

Two days ago, on Wednesday, the full moon came up around sunset – of course! Full moons always rise at or near sunset. Last night, on Thursday, the moon looked full, but was actually a day past. Therefore, last night’s moon rose after sunset, or at dusk.

At late evening tonight (10:30 to 11:30 p.m.), watch for a bright star to climb above the southeast horizon, beneath the moon and Jupiter. That star is Fomalhaut, the only bright star in a large area of dim stars. Because it alone shines brightly in this patch of sky, Fomalhaut is sometimes called the loneliest star. Like all stars, Fomalhaut rises about four minutes earlier each day, due to Earth’s motion in orbit around the sun. This autumn we’ll look outside to see Fomalhaut in the southeast sky – not late at night – but earlier in the evening.

That’s why Fomalhaut is associated with the autumn months. See it now as a reminder that there’s cooler weather ahead!"

Cooler weather ahead? We can't get enough heat for a dog day! At least the cool nights keep the diseases at bay. Gray Leaf Spot on corn, frogeye leaf spot on beans this year. It would probably pay to spray but another, almost $30 per acre? Hard to spend my friends, hard to spend.

I know you have to spend money to make money but that's a lot of money.



  1. I'm sending you to other people's farms when you come out here to visit. What I think I will do is find a farmer who I know is gone for the day, that claim that his farm is our farm. That way you will never see our short corn or disappearing clover, and you will think I'm a good farmer.
    Just need to move a couple Molines and Whites over the night before...

  2. Ha, LOL. Don't hide a thing, speak with your machinery and your fields and be proud but always, always keep learning.

    I learned one of spray companies screwed up. They want $9000 more and I told the rep I am not paying until they make it right.

    I took LuAnn and showed her case we end up in court.

    They got driver problems and boom pressure problems.