Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Fair

The Greene County fair in Xenia starts today. I have another busy afternoon of judging probably 500 entries.

This one I judge canned foods also because it is lumped into farm produce. You turn the canning jar over and over looking for faults or quality. It gets very tedious but we make fun out of it.

I always speak out what I am seeing and people line up to hear me. I think the shows I judge have gotten better out of this practice.

Greene County is where my brother raised his family. That county also has the sad distinction of the big F5 tornado that ripped the county in half. Wouldn't you know I was right in the middle of it taking students to an awards banquet.

That was the most powerful force I have even seen in my life. Words and pictures just can't describe it.

In recent years a smaller one came through and destroyed most of the fairgrounds. Now they have new buildings but few trees. It is one of those towns you drive through and everything looks new but there are no mature trees.

I drove through the county recently after judging the big crop show in Sprinfield, Ohio. Man, what a crop!

We have the bins tore apart to try and make sure we can handle this harvest.

What a strange year!


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