Monday, August 24, 2009

Crater Lake and Oregon folks

We just sat in awe yesterday at Crater Lake. Can you imagine a beautiful blue lake on top of a mountain 6 miles across and 1500 feet deep?

On the way to Orin's we saw the most beautifully green, well shaped Christmas trees you can imagine. Can you picture harvesting Christmas trees with helocopters? That is they way they do it here in the Christmas tree capital of the great Northwest because it gets so wet here in fall. They get their 40 inches of rainfall over the winter so it gets real muddy!

We had another beautiful drive yesterday. Then we went to have dinner with Orin's family. What fine people they are. We enjoyed homegrown steakburgers with wonderful tomatoes, Mandy's killer potato salad, Matt's sweet corn picked just before the harvest crew came through to harvest his crop. She topped it off with strawberry shortcake, so much better than eating out! We met Frank and Van and all just sat around and talked, what a way to top off a great day.

Matt gave me a good report on T-22, his supplier had it sitting there on the shelf so he bought some and put it on the crops. Sounds like he got the same results I get in Ohio.

Van is so cute in his Allis Chalmer bibbies, reminded me of Matt and Mark when they were little guys. Even the family dog was friendly and a part of the get together.

Then we got the tour of the seed house and operation, grass seed stacked high and ready to ship out our way.

Farmers, don't worry about killing the annual ryegrass cover crops, I have had no problems and I didn't see anything to be concerned about on that farm.

Van is the seventh generation to live on that farm. Mandy's picture windows from the kitchen and living room is amazing, just like Grandpa and Grandma wanted in 1955.

The cattle operation was pleasant, right beside the house and our picnic area.

The folks are so pleasant out here, not the city folk you hear about that move into regions like that. Down home, hard working people that have kept our country great.

We can't let them ruin our country.

What a day and what a trip!

Now if I can find Garth and David today and head towards Washington State.

Ed and LuAnn

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