Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unusual Weather

This has been a year of unusual weather since the record snow amounts recorded in February.

The best planting weather was in March of all months and it rained nearly every day in May.

The last inch of rain fell here July 12 and we recorded nearly 90 days this summer with 90 degree or more heat.

A friend sent me a professional weather model that says "we ain't seen nothin"" yet. I have this hunch that model could play out as it has all year.

This European models calls for enough blizzard activity the week after Christmas to bring most of the US to a halt, especially from here east and north of here. That is how most of the patterns have been running this fall.

The good thing is the shortest day of the year is almost here.

Many people suffer from Seasonal Anxiety and Depression Disorder so this is great news for them. I haven't noticed too much in myself or others around me. As long as I get enough sunshine every day, and it doesn't take much for me this year, it doesn't seem to bother me.

Who knows what will happen but this weather model says 2010 will go out with a bang!

Most local schools are closed today so they may be right.

I hope you are well supplied if this does play out.



  1. Just watching HLN this morning and it looks bad enough already. Maybe part of the same system that just shut down parts of southern Ontario canada.

  2. I saw where Sarnia Ontario was a mess a day ago. People stranded all night on the highway. I always liked the name Sarnia, not too far from the word Sardinia, my home town area. This doesn't look good Ralph.