Friday, December 17, 2010


We don't want just happy holidays, we desire a Merry Christmas.

Our forefathers believed in God and most of them believed in the birth of Jesus, his Son, Jesus.

This belief founded the most prosperous and powerful nation in history. Prosperity can really make you lazy. Power corrupts and greed kills. Have we been too prosperous and powerful for our own good?

It makes you wonder. In some ways I don't think so, in others it is obviously and painfully true.. The lives that have been spared and improved thanks to this basic belief has inspired millions, maybe billions of people.

But the corruption has killed or ruined many.

So I don't buy this happy holiday crap. It sounds to much to me like not doing the right thing, the very principles we are founded upon. I believe in Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays snuck in as all the races and religions snuck into this country. We let them all sneak in, whether they believe in God and the birth of Jesus.

We assumed they would accept the culture of our new country and learn English and try to help improve the country, not divide it.

Happy holidays divides our country. We believe in God, Jesus, the Constitution and Saint Nicholas. If you don't agree, how can you be a contributing person to our country?

Lot's of excuses have been made but none of them fly. You end up with a divided country with some wanting to go a different direction than our country was founded on.

So I wish you a Merry Christmas. I truly do and hope you find the real meaning of Christmas.

Happy holidays just doesn't get it done. It stretches from the Jewish holiday to the Muslim holiday, from August to January on their calendars.

I just need one. Decemeber 25, the celebration of the birth of the risen God, Jesus Christ.

If you don't agree, I don't see how you can fully contribute to the principles of our country.

Merry Christmas,

Ed Winkle

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