Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have heard some really interesting things this week how biotech is changing the seed and crop industries.

There are some pretty interesting technologies coming but must of us struggle to understand what we already have.

Dr. Joachim Schneider from Bayer Crop Science spoke to the convention yesterday. He showed where biotech is going, especially in his company. Bayer is number one in oilseeds, cotton, canola and number for in vegetable seeds.

They are big in the genetically modified trait industry too, with glyphosate, glufosinate and HPPD inhibitor chemistry. Their expense and budget in biotech is huge, in the billions of Euro's.

They employ 3000 people just in their seed development industries.

Our job was to show how the Liberty Link Soybeans worked on our farms. They are new in the market place as Round Up Ready has that market.

LL shows a lot of promise and I think we were able to communicate that. They are the best tool we have for Round Up Ready weeds, those resistant to glyphosate that we have.

Many more farmers are using this technology this year in their fields.

I think most of us are ready to go home.



  1. I think it is kind of funny that Monsanto gets to be the bad guy and the other companies are just as hard at work on the biotech.

  2. Sometimes when you are first you are worst.