Sunday, December 12, 2010

FFA Fruit

Rich from Kansas asked if any of us had gotten our FFA Fruit and if it was any good. He said his citrus was kind of bland and not so juicy.

I was afraid ours would be because of the nasty weather in Florida but Matt delivered ours the other night and it is very good as usual.

One farmer asked what is FFA Fruit?

In my first year of teaching, 1971, our state association came up with the idea of each chapter selling a semi load of fresh Florida citrus as a fundraiser over the Holiday slack time.

Forty years later, they are still doing it. It was a big hit and became a project you couldn't let go or the band or home ec department would grab it up.

We usually made $5000 per year in today's money. Over the years, chapters have added apples and all sorts of other products to boost sales or keep the profit up.

I managed the sale every year I taught school and now Matt has done it ten years. Fruit runs through our veins, I guess you can call us a fruity family.

I think Wilmington still sells fruit for Christmas but I have not been asked since we moved here. The sale is as good as your students are at taking orders.

Most of you wondered what FFA Fruit is so I thought I better explain it a little more.


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