Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Austria is sure a beautiful place. I bet it is really crowded in summer with all the tourists. Winter was busy enough for me.

This is one of those perfect trees in downtown Linz, Austria. All these river towns are an easy walk from the cruise ship. For longer journeys we take a cab or a bus.

This is one of those places you could live. It just feels like home. You can walk to any store you need, pick up your loaf of fresh bread and walk home like we did in Paris.

LuAnn uploaded more pictures to her facebook account. She is getting good with her new Canon camera.

We saw the name Abt on a plaque on a wall above the river and asked what it meant. The German interpretors thought that Abt was short for Abbot or the one in charge of the Abbey so his name became Abt. Abt is two of the grand daughter's last name and I have known the family and family name most of my life.

Like most towns and cities, Linz has a history over the tolls of history. When the people were liberated, they became the artsy, intelligent people I view them as now and not the industrial workers they once were.

The tiny difference in the lifestyle is the big difference, you walk more than drive. You eat fresh bread that is only good for a day or two, no preservaties, no factory loaves. You drink tiny cups of coffee rather than sip on a watered down 20 ouncer.

Personally I really like because it makes more sense to me.

Either way, life in Austria is what I would call very good. We have something similar here in this region, it's just been Americanized.



  1. Love Vienna!

    Beautiful city with lots of history! I used to stay over there frequently between flights from other European locations and the flight back to the USA.

    Lots of sights to see and great food in patio styled restaurants.


  2. I can see why I get along with so many Bavarian folk here in the states.

    The place is rich in history which means to me the people made it rich.

    LuAnn loves those patio style restaurants you know, part of her history, too.