Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Resistant Weeds

I made it to Chicago in good shape and was busy all day preparing for our talk on resistant weeds today and what farmers can do to fight them.

I have been able to meet with several seed companies and learn some new things.

One seed company is coming out with a guarantee that if you follow their soybean management program they will guarantee your results.

This is ground breaking news and it will be interesting to see how farmers respond to it. More details will be available when they officially roll out the program in a few weeks.

I met with another seedsman who is concerned about moving all of his soybean seed. I assured him there should be good demand by farmers for the type of seed he is providing and I would help get the word out to farmers in the midwest who need a 3.5 to 3.9 genetically modfied seed.

I have tested this seed and studied the data and I can recommend this seed to farmers. There will be lots of options for seed treatment and inoculant on this seed and it should be a super package for farmers I talk to and work with.

I am looking forward to the trade show and presenting our ideas today.

I should be a good day.

Ed Winkle

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