Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 Dec

Remember when the date as written like 19 December? That was even short for nineteenth of December. I am sure most you don't remember and never heard of it.

But that is today, my birthday. Many thought I wouldn't make it this far. I didn't think I would myself somedays.

I have a really persistent Guardian Angel. Thank you Guardian Angel for being persistent. I have tried and done some really dumb things. Things like driving a car on bald tires over a hill so all four wheels left the road.

Things like making a tricycle tractor go 60 miles per hour or touching a TV chassis that was 110V hot on a basement floor and waking up on the other side of the basement.

Pretty stupid, wasn't it? It didn't seem like it at the time but I didn't possess the wisdom to know I was endangering myself or the people around me.

Wisdom has to be a grace from God himself. My Guardian Angel kept me alive so I can learn wisdom. You younger folk really need to listen to your wiser, older people. At least I did enough to make it this long.

Last year LuAnn threw a 60th birthday bash. It was great seeing people I hadn't seen in years. It was a really good day. Even better than 19 December, 2000 when I turned on the classroom lights early that morning and it looked like a witche's spider web with a big ball in the center of the ceiling and black streamers so thick you had to cut your way to the desk. That little fat chicken lady that sang Happy Birthday though was over the top, I almost lost my composure in front of half the school.

Today is ten years later though and much different. The grand daughters are asleep in a guest room. We went to church, had stuffed porkchops and watched the movie Annie to the end. Brynn almost made it to the end, Madison did, then we all went to bed for a long winter's nap on almost the longest night of the year.

It was busy but fun and very satisfying. For a musical, it isn't a bad movie. Carol Burnett was at her best as she always is and the the helocopter added a modern touch to the movie set in the early 30's.

I have to read up on Big Daddy Warbucks as I liked his Republican character set against Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Elanor.

After bit the girls will wake up and we will have Bob Evan's Sausage and eggs and whatever. We still have lots of FFA Fruit to eat. You ought to try some poached pears if you have some at your house, they are pretty good.

I probably don't have a picture on this computer to highlight this day so I have just been using whatever I like from it's files, different from mine which is still in the shop.

My own computer back would be a great present but who is asking for presents except the children?

Every day is a gift and I am thankful for this one.

I hope health finds you well and you have a great day, too.

Ed Winkle


  1. Thank you David! I would like to know you better, I think we are both interesting characters.

    I let the hint get to me and took LuAnn Christmas shopping on my birthday, can you imagine that?

    I can't, I must be really good today. I mean really good.

    All I can say is thank you Lord it was tolerable. I got to thinking about all the junk in stores we really don't need and man it was humbling.

    Oh well, I survived and I am happy on LuAnn's computer, my gift to her and year ago when her's died.

    I never even looked at computers because I know I would have brought one home. Aren't you proud of me?