Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have two projects to work on this month. Both center around a Power Point presentation. I wish I knew my way around Power Point like LuAnn and Tara does.

I need to find a new guineau pig to help me. I have wore out their power point bridges to me. It is very stressful doing one and it shouldn't be. I am not doing this for payment but my passion for advanced farming techniques to help farmers like dear old dad. I saw him struggle and try to adapt new techniques while keeping the whole thing together. I have made it my mission to help farmers and students of agriculture.

Just one hour a day for a few days and you would have a rough draft to revise. It takes me about 30 days to do one like I want to so I come out with a product I know and believe in. I used to use Matt's students as my guineau pig students and get their reaction to what I taught. I always got good reviews and some good ideas for improvement.

One of these presentations is on seed treatment and one is on micronutrients. I know why I do both but getting them down on paper so to speak is another story.

Interesting pictures really help me tell my story. If they can see what I am doing they can visualized the process better. It's like summarizing a whole course in a 45 minute time period. That is very challenging.

So I bid a fair warning to you, you might be my guineau pigs this month as I wrangle with my ideas and how to share them.

Both presentations are on topics important to farmers, in this case, notill farmers. Seed treatments are keys to profit as well as nutrient balance of their soils and the crops that grow in them.

Wish me luck.


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  1. Ed - Power Point is the best tool I have used to convey instruction, share ideas, etc. Good luck with creating yours! I'd love to be one of your guinea pigs - any time