Thursday, December 30, 2010


Would you like a piece of pie and a cup of coffee?

Do you dream? I had a dream last night night that made me smile. I had a new Troy Bilt Rototiller and I was tilling up the worn out yard at the old farm for a new garden.

Dad would take a turn then I would take a turn. Dad's pass would go off at an angle from mine and I would try and straigten it the next pass. It wasn't going too quickly, it looked like all we were doing was aerated that high traveled worn out lawn.

When I woke up I had a smile on my face. I know exactly where I was in that lawn on that farm where dad and I threw baseball. It might as well been a garden, we never had time to play much.

Dad was a very simple man, hardworking, God fearing farmer. Here is the Bible. Read it. Do you believe it? Yes or no type of answer. He never seemed to get ahead but he really did. He was so far ahead of others it isn't funny.

Then I thought about myself. The parts of me I admire most is the ones I got from dad. Generally happy, love kids, love the earth. The parts about me that helped me be who I am where I am are complicated. Grand dreams, grand schemes, somewhat risky, great when it works, horrible when it doesn't. Not simple at all.

Isn't it funny how one dream can make you think? Dad was about of it 10 years ago today.

Do you think he paid me a visit?

I found out I have a young friend I really admire who reads this everyday. I thought wow that is neat when I heard it then I gulped. He lost his dad this year and he is half my age.

You readers are a big responsibility. I accept it. This blog has become therapy and release for me. I tell you things I don't tell anyone else. It has become habit to me. I think about it every time I wake up. What am I going to say today?

Your comments and email keep me going, just like dad did.

I would have done anything in the world for that man.

Ed Winkle

I am digging for a picture of my dad.


  1. Interesting Ed. I have many photos, memories and yes, dreams of my Dad. He has been gone since June of 2003. The memories make me want to be a better person, or at least inspire me to keep trying.

  2. I think we are both a better person because of our dads, Ralph. Found a few new photo's but don't have many. I just don't remember taking many photo's, we were alwasy so head over heals with work!