Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Lost It

I was driving to Kroger's this morning and had this brilliant idea for today's blog. By the time I got home, I lost it.

How could you lose a good idea so quickly?

It is part of man's brain.

We are all attention deficient, some more than others. If you stick out too much you classiy as AD, ADHD and all these other disorders.

We all suffer from disorder, don't we? I think that is man's basic nature. It seems to me the more disordered the world gets, and I think it is, the more disorderd our mind gets.

We can only hold so much information to make decisions. I think we have too much today. I know I have too much for mine and I was able to memorize everything I read in my younger years.

It is all gone. Too many brain cells are full, I can't generate enough new ones and I have lost too many to age and and the way I lived my life where I chose to.

I feel pretty good about it. I can keep up with most of my peers. Some people look to me for advice. I haven't lost it all, I just lost that great idea I had for a blog this morning.

The experts say write it down and I have no doubt those who master this technique do better than we who don't.

Sable was licking my face as I drove down the road and I can't write and drive anyhow. I always wanted to make recordings and notes as I lived my life, I see so many things and get such great ideas and then poof they are gone.

I lost one good idea this morning but I have not totally lost it.


Ed Winkle


  1. Ed, this is way too familiar to me. I'll come up with an idea or something I have to look up on the net and by the time I get to the computer I have to sit there and wrack my brain trying to recall what it was I wanted to do or look up. You are right about making notes, it does help, but only if we take the time to actually do it. ONe of these days I am going to start.

  2. I used to carry a little notebook in my pocket to write things down in. Most of the time, I'd forget I had it. If I DID write something down, I'd rarely remember to read it in time for it to be of benefit. Finally, I forgot to even carry it. I do okay, though, as long as I do what the voices tell me!

  3. All of the above! Do they make a feature on your cell phone where you could record each day? If I learned to use it keep my ideas and to do list and take a few minutes in the eveing to go over it and delete it I think it would really improve my efficiency in my older years. Also I spend so much time writing I don't read enough and struggle to just keep up with you two and Budde.

  4. I keep 3 or 4 3X5 cards in my pocket and ball point pen in my pants at all times for just those occasions when brain siezures might wipe the slate clean. Tha works pretty well for me.

    You'll find out if you are talking with me and give me data or make a request of me - I'll jot a note to myself that I review and transfer to the computer every night. Not perfect nor foolproof but better for me than trying to remember in my brain alone.


  5. I should add that even the act of writing a note down for future reference seems to help me remember. Many times if I have a list or note in my pocket I will not have to take it out of my pocket to remember whats on it.
    Now if I could just remember how to turn on my cell phone!