Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am supposed to get my computer today. Hallelujah! You wouldn't think an old coot would miss his computer so much but all of my documents and pictures are on it.

It is more than that. I have the wireless mouse and keyboard and it fits me like a glove. Some of the letters on the keys are worn out, that is how many miles it has on it.

But $100 to remove spyware? Come on, Brandon! I guess it's bye bye, 4 days and $100 to remove spyware is too much. And, it is no picnic getting to his place, either. Almost an hour to the hills of Clermont County. The roads are so narrow you have to pull off the road if you meet a schoolbus.

He used to make service calls but he didn't like the drive, either. He was in my ag class 10 years ago and I have watched him build a business out of his curiousity of how computers work.

I hope one of my grandchildren turn out to be a computer geek. Seriously. You can make a good living at that profession now. I should have learned myself but those codes and the fine print drive me crazy. I would have been interest 50 years ago but not now.

I never thought of that before. A grandchild as a computer geek? I bet some of you have one in your family. I wonder what the grandchildren will become? Jobs are out there now we never heard of when I was that age. Like auto computer technician. Computers have changed everything, haven't they?

I have mentioned here if you know combines and you know electronics, you can name your price servicing the yield monitor on a half million dollar combine. AGCO really needs help in this department. GreenStar has left them in the dust.

Speaking of automobiles, the code on the Buick was the gas cap. That code came up on the Dakota, too. After awhile, it is like you can't get the cap on tight. Have you noticed that? I blame it on the materials used in the design.

That is it for today. Santa is coming soon, are you ready?

I'm not.



  1. Sometimes I think we are addicted.
    Error codes on autos are common and annoying. My Blazer had had the check engine light on for years now. Had it checked and re-set once. Like yours it was something to do with the fuel vent and I figured it was no big concern. Still gets me to town for mail and groceries when I need it to.

  2. I think you would have to never change the oil to lock up a modern engine, Ralph. Remember when they didn't last that long? Couldn't kill the last Dakota, can't kill this one pushing 200k miles. Everything else falls off first. Internet? That was instant addiction for me after being without ham radio for so man years. Now my antenna is the twisted pair.