Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Go

Has your family had that terrible stomach virus going around? It hit us both at bed time last night. That bug is wicked. Your stomach gets hard as a rock and you feel more miserable than you can imagine.

We layed in bed about 12 hours and I think we got about one hour of sleep. That is the sickest I have been since Christmas break 1978. Matthew was one and we were both so sick we could barely take care of each other.

So there went the TransSiberian Orchestra today. Becky was able to take Liam herself so at least he will get his birthday present. We really wanted to hear them for our birthday present but the bug took care of that idea.

I hope you don't get it, it is a really nasty bug. Many have had it around here and some in our family. Don't know when and where we got it, viruses are smoking guns, hard to figure out where they came from.

There has been more fires. A house on Second Creek Road burned and they got the people out in time. Once again, firemen are angels. The old Norco building in the Sharonville-Blue Ash area burned to the ground and the fire was so hot it melted the street electric wires and even a cross walk sign. It takes a lot of heat to do that.

It was built by Sears and Roebuck and that is where they assembled the pieces for their famous old pre-assembled homes. We lived in one of them on Canada Road and it was assembled in 1922. It was a beautiful old farm house and still is.

"Many Sears' prefabricated "kit" houses, distributed during much of the first half of this century, were at least partially constructed/assembled in the the Norwood (Oh.) Sash & Door Co. plant. Several hundred "Sears" houses in the Cincinnati area have been identified and classified in a fascinating University of Cincinnati Master's Thesis by Bea Lask."

It had the built in cabinets and French doors. We only lived their 4 years when we moved to Rhude Road when I became extension agent in 1987. It was really out in the boondocks with a Midland address, Lynchburg phone number and the last house in Blanchester School District. It wasn't very handy for any services for our young family but it sure was quiet. I planted a pine windbreak with the kid's grandpa and it is beautiful and functional today. It had the best garden I ever tended as it was an orchard before and got all the manure from the barn. That was the best green beans and veggies I ever grew.

Hopefully we will feel better tomorrow but this really takes a toll on you.

I sure hope none of you catch it.

Ed Winkle

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  1. Ed, hopefully its no more than a 24 hour virus but it sounds like even that is too much.
    Your Sears house is similar to mine. I live in the Canadian equivalent, an Eatons "catalogue home" that my grandfather had built in 1920. A complete home package sold by the T. Eaton company and they were well built and popular in their day. Good old Douglas fir lumber all the way through the building.