Saturday, December 18, 2010

Broke and Broken

Beck's new book is called Broke. He is talking about the debt of our nation and how we got there.

I saw that my neighbor Mike rented a store front in Wilmington. He never got the traffic for his lavender products that stores closer to Murhphy's Theatre got from Beck's appearance here this week.

Fortunately we aren't broke here. But we have lots of everyday items that are under repair. They are broken.

The car is in the shop, my computer is in the shop, the phone line is bad you can hardly talk on it, the transmission went out on the Pontiac and even my mudroom toilet seat is broken.

The Buick needed servicing and tires rotated and OnStar sent LuAnn a message it needs prompt attention so we took it to Mr. Kratzer, our trusted mechanic.

I was researching some cover crop information and spyware took over my computer. I thought I was protected. I am sure it wasn't from cover crop websites though I was on some European websites. It's a nasty foreign spy for sure according to my tech. Usually I can fix it but this time I couldn't.

With the storms I imagine a phone line got water in it so the landline has an eerie modulation demodulation on it. You can barely talk on it. Verizon must own Frontier which took over July 1 because they have the exact same pitiful poor voice prompts. You know, you can never talk to a real person. I think they are supposed to come Monday between 8 AM and 8 PM if I punched the buttons right. What would my mother do in this situation? They are taking advantage of ALL of us.

We let one of the kids use the Pontiac again, our spare and I had been noticing too much transmission slipage. Well, it went out on them, I could barely get it in position to put on the tow truck in our snow covered driveways.

Even my toilet is broken and I was never good with toilet seats. You must have to work on them every day to put a wrench where you cannot see.

When this is done maybe I will be broke, but I am not broken yet!

Winter Wizards and Murphy are here for sure.

Did I not appreciate those beautiful green fields this summer?


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  1. I've been trying to connect lights and get a hood on a tractor for three days. I drove 10 miles to sell a load of hay and the lady didn't like it. I guess things go wrong all the time. There must be a tipping point to where you just get depress about it.
    Perhaps some of the clever fellows at college could make a chart. Silly things that go wrong vs personal frustration so you predict when to up your dosage of vitamin D and when to just give up and start drinking...
    Merry Christmas!