Monday, July 6, 2009

Wheat Harvest

Wheat harvest is in full swing in the eastern states.

Yields seem to be good from what I have seen and heard.

Hopewell continues to be the number one certified Ohio wheat variety!

If you enjoy Oreo cookies or any kind of pastry, think of us! Ohio is the number one provider of soft red winter wheat.

We used to bale all the straw but there are so few livestock around here anymore that many farmers just blow the straw back on the ground, it is loaded with nutrients.

Many farmers have Shelbourne stripper headers now and just strip the grain off the stalk. This is popular in Europe and is becoming more popular in the states. I have several friends who use stripper headers. The advantage is faster harvest speeds as you don't have all that straw running through the combine.

It makes for some funny looking fields if you are not used to it!

Ed Winkle

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