Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice to be liked

But... I am reading through my Ohio Country Journal after dinner and there I am scheduled to speak on cover crops at Delaware Ohio on September one!

I never agreed to such a deal but LuAnn did say there was a phone message about it.

I have to admit I am getting bad about phone messages.

Dave Brandt did you do that to me? I know it wasn't Steve Groff.

Sorry folks, don't intend to be there.

I intend to be in Oregon with Garth, Brian, Buddeshepherd and the like. That Old Pokey seems like an interesting character, too.

I hope the old Chevy will make it that far, Been too many years since we made that stretch across the beautiful states.

That is only a month and a half away so I better get digging.



  1. Still planing on heading west huh. Lynne and I are definitely planing on you guys coming to see us. Anything in paticular you want a tour of. Onion packing sheds will be running and dry bean harvest should be happening too. Tour of the irrigation system? Name it an I will see what we can do.
    Looking forward to shaking your hand for the first time.

  2. Can promise a thing Brian.

    When I get near a farm, she gets nervous. She just wants peace and quiet.

    But I think I could maybe sneak it in?

    Don't get your hopes up, just be surprised.