Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Sort at DHL

They had their last package sort at DHL this morning. The county is in mourning.

"There was a mix of reactions among workers early Friday as they left the DHL Air Park following the final night to sort DHL freight in Wilmington.

There were some tears, some anger and quite a few “no comments.” But among those who did want to talk, there seemed to be acceptance of the loss of their job, combined with uncertainty about their work future in a down economy.

After aircraft were loaded for take-off, sort and ramp employees would check out at a security shack and turn in their badge. ABX Air’s last flight for the night departed at 5:13 a.m., said company spokeswoman Beth Huber.

One of the first workers approached by News Journal staff said simply, “I have nothing good to say.” He did not want to give his name.

Craig Best of Hillsboro said he wanted to train to be a firefighter, paramedic and hazardous materials specialist.

Susan Canter worked at the air park for nine years, making the 62-mile commute from Felicity for the insurance for her husband who needs a kidney transplant. Now that the job is ending, she’s unsure what she’s going to do.

“There were so many good people who worked here, better people, better workers than me,” she said. “It’s just so sad. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s sad. I used to carpool with three other girls. And now it’s just me. That ride home is gong to be long. And sad.”

David Morgensen of Midland, who worked in the sorting operation for 3 1/2 years, said DHL had “knocked” a lot of people out of work in Wilmington in just a few years time.

Trisha Weddel, who worked at the air park for 2 1/2 years, said she had a second job at a sports bar. She hopes to return to school and study business.

ABX Air President John Graber thanked workers as they left, sometimes remarking, “Be safe.”

For the life of me I cannot figure how a company would spend three, that is THREE billion in upgrades and close the place.

So many funny things going on now so who knows? Our corrupt government owns General Motors?

My neighbors who worked there are doing alright so far. We are trying to help each other and doing more barter than ever.

This county's soil, locaton and people has always made it a stomping grounds. The stomping started when the government put the SAC base here that became DHL and the Nike Missle Base which now feeds cattle and is a mentally handicapped school.

Ed Winkle

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