Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's to dad!

Dad was born today in 1915.

I have tried to imagine what it was was like then. He had older sisters, Florence and Mildred and he was number three of nine children. Uncle Roy and Aunt Jane are still here with us.

They watched automobiles, tractors and electricity come and the out house go.

Dad taught me so many valuable lessons but the big ones were hard work and respect of others.

I am wearing a long sleeve shirt today like I do in late fall. It is 62 degrees and the crop is all stationary. It is just sitting here, waiting for heat.

Dad talked about a year like this and I think it was 1936. They cultivated corn under snowflakes. The crop was so short that buckwheat was planted and saved the farm to feed the livestock. I have always had a fond admiration for buckwheat and buckwheat pancakes.

Yesterday Dad had another Great Grandchild born. With all the girls in the family the Winkle name is becoming more extinct but the bloodlines are still here.

When I held her I was holding her for dad, too.

We love and nurture our family and try and represent our ancestors all at the same time.

It is really amazing.

Before LuAnn's dad passed last month his little great grandson spread his little self across Gordon and told him he loved him, sobbing, knowing grandpa was short for this world.

Isn't that what life is all about?

So many people are yearning for this but our families have learned how to "spread the wealth," and I don't mean money, and pass it on.

I pray it never ends.

Ed Winkle

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