Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am blessed with the neatest friends you could ever ask for.

I got home and there is David Brandt at Carroll, Ohio leaving me a message on cover crops. He said Ed, Bruce Goodwin might be able to help you.

No Doubt. I met Bruce when I was the ag teacher at Blanchester many moons ago. Young kid fresh out of Wilmington College and enrolled in my Adult Farmer Classes.

What a class act. He told me one day that Ed, Pioneer is trying to get rid of their little dealers. Would you give them a note?

No, I gave them an earful. I said Bruce is one of the sources for Agronomic information in these parts, do you really want to cut him off? Local farmers DEPEND on his information.

That was one of the best pieces of knowlege I ever shared.

They got wise and didn't let him go. I think they had too much invested and they heard too from us little guys.

Bruce is just a farmer like me but he is one smart farmer.

I had him come here and look at my wheat last fall. I can call the shots but doggone it when the rubber meets the road I wil call on Bruce. He will explain all the things I have been thinking of then lay it on the line.

Bruce, I owe you my dear friend.

You are one good sonofagun.

Ed Winkle

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