Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farming is...

There is a thread running in the Cafe of NewAgTalk called farming is.

You ought to go read it.

Those guys are good! They sound more like artists or poets than farmers but they are very realistic.

Farming is:

A way of life.

All I have ever done.

All I ever wanted to do.

Pulling into the shed and being so tired you can't get off the tractor just yet. I got dad with his head on the steering wheel many times.

Helping your neighbor.

Your neigbor helping you because he broke down in the same spot when he farmed that field years ago.

No doubt farming is our future and the world as we know it well stop when it ends. This country takes farming for granted because it was always the backbone of our economy and everything we do.

I just thought it was a really good thread this morning and I know you will enjoy it.



  1. It's for sale. Call Ohio Cat. Bought the Demonstrator 580R they had with 40 foot table. Eats small grain for a snack.