Monday, July 13, 2009

59 Chevy

My first car was a 59 Chevy, yellow and rust, you wouldn't be caught dead in that thing.

I know LuAnn wouldn't.

I have this boy asking me for work and I really want to help him. We have this 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix sitting in the garage we don't use but for a spare.

He saw that and he drooled, he actually drooled.

I know that feeling, I had it in 1967.

I wanted off the farm so badly dad bought me a 59 yellow Chevy for $100 from Naylor's car lot in town.

It was ugly but to me it was my crown jewel. I got my license at 17 and drove my sister and I back and forth to band practice at Macon, Ohio.

SR 32 had this long staight stretch from Macon to Sardinia. One night a state Patrol clocked me at 105 MPH on that stretch. That was wide open, 6 cylinder Chevy three on the tree.

When I got home I just handed my keys to Mom. I said I am not going to be needing these for awhile.

The judge gave me 6 months probation. I rode my bike and walked more than I ever had before.

Ed Winkle

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