Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grain bins

It's back to grain bins. This system is old like me.

Unloading augers are shot so I am putting in new floors to go with them.

You won't believe the dirt in the bottom of a grain bin. I have to be really careful because I always had asthma. What a problem for a farmer.

Probably 40 times 40,000 bushels passed through them. That is a lot of grain.

Couldn't believe those oak standards underneath that rusty grain bin floor. You learn something every day. I learned a bunch today and have a whole lot more to learn.

Little by little I have rebuilt this system back to something almost tolerable. I really need a 90 foot leg to hit all five bins. That may have to wait.

Pretty pooped folks, LuAnn has her big barn sale this weekend and next. The place is really look good. Tyler and Jason have done a good job helping.


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