Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Blues

LuAnn and I always had to fight the Sunday blues. It is a down mood after a good weekend doing what you want to do and not looking forward to another weak of challenges.

I always had them going back to college after farming all weekend. Yes, I was a weekend warrior too long. Since 2002 I haven't had to so it hasn't been so bad for me.

LuAnn is still working though and has to go back to work. We would rather stay home and work in our gardens and play with our grandkids.

Do you get the Sunday blues?

How do you handle them?

I have to pay a lot of attention to LuAnn on Sunday so she doesn't get them. She will even tell me it is coming on so I drop everything and we go do something fun to get our minds off it.

I am no psychologist but I know they are real.

How we handle our mood changes definitely affects our happines and our ability to handle new challenges.


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