Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Sweet Corn is Gone

We froze 20 quarts last night, might have one more picking from that planting.

Lots of good sweet corn came out of that Vision and Avalon planting. Thanks to Steve, Gary and Jerry for leading me to those varieties. I am sure they are busier than I am right now in harvest, they grow acre upon acre and that is their main crop.

I like sweet corn growers. They are men of the land and really like to help people enjoy their crop that makes their living. It takes a special knack to be a farmer and even more to be a sweet corn grower.

So the next time you enjoy an ear, think of the grower who dedicated his life for your pleasure.

That is really what farming is all about. Dedicating your life to God and fellow man. When someone trashes a farmer I can get upset too easily. A few earned the distinction of being trashed but 99% I have met are true hearted. Why would someone not work so hard for your best interest?

Farmers are asset rich and cash poor. I write checks every day. I handle a hundred dollars to keep one of them, pretty small return, but I love it and choose to do it.

You have to LOVE farming and it is in my blood. Generation after generation in my family were farmers. I had to go teach agriculture for awhile to get my dream.

I am living it right now. A gentle rain is falling on the crops and I just love it. Farmers love rain in July and August.

This corn is gone so now I have to eat broccoli. Which president doesn't like broccoli, was it George W?

Ed Winkle

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