Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happiness is...

Happiness is a good crop, a new grandchild, winning the tractor pull, playing in grandpa's office.

I judged 500 crop entries at the Clark County fair in Springfield Ohio yesterday and 300 FFA crop entries. That was about all I could handle. I was mentally tired after studying all the comparisons.

They had record entries and record beautiful crops. I couldn't believe the crop from there to home, I took the back roads home and slowed down and just appreciated the crop.

I better get more trucking lined up for this crop Monday because the trucks will all be busy and full.

Then we watched the little girls while their parents went to a local wedding, can you imagine 600 people at a wedding? They had to wait 40 minutes in line just to participate.

Becky brought Liam and Caoilin over, they all get along so well together. Caoilin has grown so much in one month. Liam showed his cousins our little secret, jumping on our bed. Rule number one, don't tell grandma. I think they heard us laughing next door. Rule number two, no falling off. Rule number three, don't hit your head on bed posts. I just kept making up more rules as they got rowdier.

Kevin woke me up when I realized he was standing in my living room at midnight. Grandma wrapped around one child, another on the floor, grandpa in is easy chair, all asleep. You should have seen the look on his face when I woke up, just observing and smiling.

Shannon said they sat beside my friend Stubby. Haven't seen him in years. Used to camp at his farm, really good guy and smart farmer. He taught me always pay the interest on your farm loan first. He farms north of Dayton with his brother.

Oh boy what a day, grandma and granpa are worn out. We have to go back to work to rest up!

Ed Winkle

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