Saturday, July 25, 2009

Judging Vegetables

Today I am judging vegetables and crops again.

Here is a good guide by Dr. Jim Schmidt at the University of Illinois.

"Exhibiting Vegetables

A vegetable garden provides you with fresh produce and an opportunity to learn about plants, and it can also give you much pride and satisfaction. Exhibiting vegetables at a fair or show gives you a chance to display the results of your efforts. In addition, it can give you the thrill of competing with others and learning about high-quality vegetables. Regardless of the ribbons you receive or the prize money you win, you will greatly profit from your experience at the fair. As an exhibitor, you can become a better vegetable grower and a well-informed consumer; you will also learn the importance of good sportsmanship. To produce prize-winning vegetables, you need to do the following:

Learn about planting and caring for a vegetable garden.

Plan to have vegetables available at the right time and in sufficient quantities so you can prepare a good exhibit at fair time.

Know the fair rules and regulations, and determine what types of vegetables can be exhibited.

Recognize the desirable qualities that the judges look for.

Become acquainted with the methods of preparing different vegetables for showing at the fair.

Learn the best methods for transporting vegetables to avoid damaging them.

Choose a Section:

Growing the Vegetables
Planning for Quality and Quantity
Rules for Exhibitors
What Makes a Good Vegetable Exhibit?
Transporting Vegetables to the Fair
Desirable Characteristics

Enter your county fair exhibits. This is the backbone of the county fair.

Ed Winkle

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  1. I am very fascinated with this subject! Learning more about the nuances of what the judges are looking for really give you an upper hand. I just won two BoS with my cacti here at our local fair including one entry shy of sweeping all entries I competed with in the succulents divisions, along with 4 1sts, 3 thirds, and 2 2nds in vegetables. It's been over 20 years since I entered but I want to make it a regular occurrence again! I would love to discuss tricks and special things judges are lookig for in vegetable and flower exhibits! Erik